June 23, 2024

In Genesis 30, the toxic relationship between Jacob and Laban escalates as Jacob tries to return home and Laban convinces him to stay. Even though Jacob agrees to remain with Laban and allow him to experience more of God’s blessing, he also continues in his tactics of deception and betrayal through the way he cares for their joint flock of sheep and goats.

Join us Sunday at 8:00, 9:30, or 11:00 am as we dive into a complex episode in Jacob’s story!

This Week’s Set List

Worship is an outward expression coming from the overflow of the heart. At Providence, our services are times of intentional celebration and remembrance of what Jesus has done for us. Through the songs we sing, we express what we believe about God and confess our need for him. Here’s our set list for the weekend:

You’ve Already Won
Yet Not I But Through Christ In Me
Holy, Holy, Holy (We Bow Before Thee)
Psalm 34 (Taste and See)

This Week’s Prayer Focus

As part of our worship and fellowship together, we pray over specific local churches, schools, missionary partners, and unreached people groups. This week, you can join us in praying for:

Local Church: Hope Fellowship Church

Local School: Grace Covenant Academy

Missions Partner: Daniel and Allison

Unreached People Group: The Yadav Gualbans People of India

Study Guide for Genesis 30:25-43

How to use this guide

This guide is designed to take you deeper into the points of the Sunday morning message and the passage we’re studying each week. The guide is divided into two parts.

Read, Reflect, and Respond guides you through your own personal study of the message text, preferably before you arrive for the service on Sunday morning. This section uses the HEAR journaling method, which is an acronym for highlight, explain, apply, and respond.

Discuss With Others is designed to help you take the things you’ve learned in your personal study and the message and discuss them within the context of your small group.

READ, Reflect, AND Respond

Highlight: Begin your Bible reading time with prayer then highlight verses that stand out to you as you read the passage. Note any words or ideas you want to dive deeper into and pay attention to repeated or emphasized words and phrases. This is the “observation” process – looking at the who, what, when, where of the passage.

Explain: What is the context of the passage and the author’s intended meaning within that context? This is where you can consult a study Bible or commentary. What did the passage mean to the original listeners? Was there something in their context that was being addressed? This step is to understand what the meaning of the passage was then before you seek to understand what the applied principle is today.

Apply: What is the principle to live by today? This is when you turn the focus to your own life, setting, and culture. What is the principle that applies to your own context?

Respond: How will you respond to the application in your relationships and/or situations this week? This recognizes that the Bible is not just a set of truths to know, but is actually a guide to live by.

Discuss with Others

Use your community group time to have some conversation around the message. Start your discussion by inviting someone to read the passage aloud in its entirety.

What do the names that Leah and Rachel give to their sons show you about what they value or desire most?

What clues might point the way to what you value or desire most? What do you find when you follow those clues?

Where do you see envy and resentment in this passage? What are the results?

How can you guard against the envy, resentment, and competition we saw in this passage? How can your community group work together to guard against “roots of bitterness” (Heb. 12:15)?

Have you ever felt like God is withholding something from you? How can you reconcile that with his character—that he is good, gracious, loving, wise, and all-powerful?

What does this passage show you about God and his character?

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