May 28, 2023

We’re excited to see you on Sunday! As we continue in our journey through Luke, we’re taking a look at Jesus’ warning to his disciples to stay alert, dressed for action, and ready to serve. In this text, we see what it means to be a faithful steward of our resources and to remain ready for Jesus’ return. The implications can impact the way we view our time, money, relationships, opportunities, and talents.

Join us at 8:00, 9:30, or 11:00 am!

This Week’s Set List

Worship is an outward expression coming from the overflow of the heart. At Providence, our services are times of intentional celebration and remembrance of what Jesus has done for us. Through the songs we sing, we express what we believe about God and confess our need for him. Here’s our set list for the weekend:

Hallelujah For The Cross
All Hail King Jesus
Build My Life
Holy Spirit

The Family Devotional

Discipleship starts in the home. To help you continue the discussion at home, we’ve provided a weekly family devotional with suggested Bible passages, discussion questions for the kids, and even some worship music that fit the major themes. Check out this week’s devotional in the Providence Church Mobile App!

This Week’s Prayer Focus

As part of our worship and fellowship together, we pray over specific local churches, schools, missionary partners, and unreached people groups. This week, you can join us in praying for:

Local Church: Frisco Bible Church
Pastor: Wayne Braudrick

Our VBS June 12-16. It has many unchurched kids already signed up so pray for many to hear and respond to the Good News of Jesus.
Student Ministry Camp- June 19-24
As a congregation that we would spur one another on to love and good deeds

Local School: Smith Elementary School
Pray for the leadership, students, and faculty as they enter summer break.

Outreach Partner: Livada Orphan Care

Unreached People Group: The Hausa People of Africa
Population: 53,725,300
Largest Religion: 99.4% Islam
Christian: 0.59%
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    Study Guide for Luke 12:35-48

    How to use this guide

    This guide is designed to take you deeper into the points of the Sunday morning message and the text we’re studying each week. The questions are divided into three parts.

    As You Read guides you through your own personal study of the message text, preferably before you arrive for the service on Sunday morning.

    Reflect & Respond is for personal reflection and application of the text. This is meant to help you determine how God is calling you to respond in light of what you’ve learned.

    Discuss With Others is designed to help you take the things you’ve learned and discuss them within the context of your small group.

    As you read

    In preparation for Sunday’s message, read the text on your own and take some time to answer the following questions.

    What theme(s) of the book do you see in this passage?
    How is this passage connected to what was written before and/or after it?
    What repeated words or ideas do you see throughout the text? Circle or draw a box around repeated words.
    What is the author trying to communicate in this passage? What’s the main point?

    Reflect & Respond

    After reading the text and hearing the message, reflect on the following questions.

    What do we learn about God and how we should relate to him?
    What do we learn about people and how we should relate to others?
    What does God want me to think or understand? …to remember or believe? desire? …to do?

    Discuss with Others

    Use your community group time to have some conversation around the message. Start your discussion by inviting someone to read the passage aloud in its entirety.

    When you think about the return of Christ, what do you feel? Eager? Expectant? Fearful? Anxious? What do your emotions reveal about your readiness for his return?

    The master in this parable entrusted the house to his servants, giving them responsibility over what belonged to him. What has God entrusted to you to steward? What relationships? Gifts or abilities? Roles or responsibilities? How can remembering that they are the master’s change the way you approach them?

    It’s easy for us to be lulled to sleep, believing that Christ isn’t returning any time soon. What distractions in your life threaten you with this sleepy apathy? How should the awareness that Christ could come at any moment impact our everyday lives and routines?

    Read 1 Peter 4:1-6. How do these verses challenge you to live according to the master’s will?


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    What to Expect

    Joining us for the first time this Sunday? Learn more about what you can expect and let us that you’re coming.

    Worship at Providence

    Learn more about our philosophy of worship, listen to the music we sing on Sundays, and get involved.


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