Over 3.2 billion people are considered unreached by the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Nearly 42% of the world population has limited or no access to local believers, churches, or Bibles in their languages. The calling to reach them belongs to the entire church, not just a selected few. At Providence, we are constantly mobilizing to initiate disciple-making movements among unreached people groups around the world.

Global Missions: by the Numbers


The Population of the world considered unreached

More than 4 in 10 people across the globe lack the resources to hear the gospel and share it with others in their communities. Despite this, only a fraction of the global church’s resources go toward changing this staggering statistic.

Currently impacted by the Tenebra Bible translation Project

As part of the Entrusted & Sent vision launched in 2021, Providence pledged $400,000 to provide the complete New Testament among the Tenebra-speaking people of South Asia who currently do not have a single verse of the Bible in their own language. Through IllumiNations and Pioneer Bible Translators, the project has already made significant headway.

Missionary Units Currently Deployed

Today, 6 missionary units are currently operating overseas. Each unit consists of a single individual or an entire family who has chosen to uproot their lives to advance the gospel in another region of the world. Providence provides emotional, spiritual, and financial support to help them in their efforts.

Missionary units to be sent by 2032

Our goal is to send 20 more missionaries or missionary families by the end of 2032 as part of the Entrusted & Sent vision. Through programs like Perspectives and local exposure opportunities, we’re seeking to educate the church body about the current state of the world’s unreached population and what it will take to put the gospel within their reach.

The Dream of Going Together

Sending Church-Based Teams

International missions is an exciting but challenging adventure. Many missionaries arrive on the field only to experience loneliness, isolation, and profound discouragement. For those who work with a regional team of missionaries, conflict among the families can be a serious issue. In fact, team conflict is the top reason cited for most missionaries who return from the field prematurely. 

Providence is partnering with our friends at Frontiers to send teams of missionaries from our church, rather than just individuals or families. This allows a group of our members to bond and learn how to work together before they even arrive in their new homes and experience the stress of the transition. It also provides a significant source of community as they settle in. 

The Advantage

Statistically, church-based teams of missionaries:

  • Advance more rapidly from application to the mission field.
  • See church planting work advance more rapidly
  • Feel more supported by their sending church
  • Raise church-wide engagement in missions
  • Lead to growth in global missions giving


Frontiers is working to fulfill the Great Commission by making disciples among Muslim peoples who don’t know the saving message of Jesus Christ.

Their global priorities focus on the peoples and places with the least access to the Gospel. To this end, we work to recruit, train, and send teams of workers to live in Muslim communities and bring Christ’s message to those who have yet to hear it.

Get Connected

Join the prayer call

Join the team actively supporting and praying for Providence missionaries who have been sent across the globe. We meet weekly on Tuesday mornings for a video call to hear about their needs, encourage them, and pray over them.

Stay in the know

The global reach of Providence is constantly growing. Stay up-to-date and learn how you can get involved with new initiatives as they happen.

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Upcoming Events

Interested in missions? Get your feet wet with both local and global classes, trips, and opportunities happening at Providence and through our ministry partners.


Is God calling you to be among those from the Providence family serving the unreached around the world? We would love to hear your story and begin the conversation.


Perspectives is an amazing opportunity to learn how the church serves and functions in different parts of the world, how it has operated throughout history, and how you can be involved.

Our Partners

We are blessed to partner with a team of highly dedicated organizations who share our vision for the unreached. A portion of your regular giving to Providence supports these ministries. We encourage you to learn more about them and potentially offer your time and finances to their causes.

The International Mission Board

Global Evangelism & Church Planting

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Elam Ministries

Church Planting in Iran

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The 25 Project

Orphan Care

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East West Ministries

Global Evangelism & Church Planting

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The NETS Center

Church Planting in New England

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Spoken Worldwide

Global Evangelism Through Oral Storytelling

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Livada Orphan Care

Orphan Care in Romania

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Crossroads Asia

Church Planting Among the Unreached

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TRU International

Street Outreach in Kenya

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Delhi Bible Institute

Outreach to South Asia

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The Timothy Initiative

Church Planting in South Asia

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Mission India

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