Alexis: “I had totally taken advantage of God’s love.”

Alexis grew up surrounded by Christianity. It was familiar and it was close, yet it never felt real. But when she was confronted with an uncomfortable ministry opportunity and an awkward question, everything changed.

A Changed Perspective

Sam and Mercedes

Life can be incredibly busy. Between projects, deadlines, soccer practices, and family gatherings, we miss the opportunities in front of us to share the gospel. When Sam and Mercedes first joined their Gospel Outreach Team, they immediately began to notice the missing opportunities in the midst of the craziness.

Hope in the Midst of Pain

Taylor and Lindsay

Infertility, an adoption that stalled, and the feeling of wanting something good but God not giving it to them. That was Taylor and Lindsay’s story for years. And yet, despite the hurt, the pain, and the trial, they still found comfort in the gospel and hope in Christ. Even though they had questions, they still saw God’s faithfulness. They explain their story and the incredible ending that not even they saw coming.

A Marriage Restored

Corey and Sarah

All hope seemed lost for Corey and Sarah’s marriage. Divorce was not only an option, but it seemed inevitable. They were coming to church, but getting into blow-up fights on the way. Finally, Corey sent an “SOS” to the church and that’s when their lives changed. It’s a story of going from hopeless to hopeful.

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