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The Bridge


The 5th and 6th grade years can be a turbulent and critical time in students’ lives. They’re going from elementary into middle school and puberty into adolescence. They’re increasingly independent but still learning how to manage it. They’re figuring out who they are and they need a safe space to explore how God has uniquely made them.

For this reason, we are excited to announce a new ministry launching this fall called The Bridge. This new transitionary ministry will be held on the first, third, and fifth Sunday afternoons of each month and will take the place of their involvement in Providence Kids and Providence Students.

The Bridge is designed to help you and your student navigate the rapid transitions ahead. They will be introduced to deeper studies in God’s Word that will prepare them for the student ministry while looking at its implications for the unique challenges they’re facing in school and home.

The gatherings will take place on select Sundays, 12:30-2:00 pm. At each meeting 5th and 6th graders will enjoy a special time for worship, teaching, games, and small groups led by an incredible team of volunteers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is this new ministry so important?
The fifth and sixth grade years are often awkward and difficult to navigate for many students. In the church, they feel too old for the kids ministry but are often not mature enough for the student ministry. This is a season of life that needs specific and intentional care. The Bridge addresses this gap for students, helping them navigate the unique challenges ahead of them.

What are the unique challenges they face?
The list is endless. They're going through puberty, transitioning to adolescence, preparing and moving up to middle school, and navigating new social norms. To top it off, they are experiencing new dynamics in their relationships with each other and their families. There is very little available to prepare them for the teenage years. While it may just be a two year period, the leap is significant. We want to help them make it across the gap.

What will be different in The Bridge?
The Bridge is neither a part of the kids ministry nor student ministry. On the first, third, and fifth Sundays of each month, they will meet in the afternoons. They will have the entire building to themselves for extended worship, games, teaching, and small groups designed just for them.

The teaching will be different than they've experience in the kids ministry, designed to prepare them for the much deeper curriculum they'll encounter in the student ministry.

When will it meet?
The meetings will be on the first, third, and fifth Sundays of each month, 12:30-2:00 pm. On the fifth Sunday, students will have an extended game and community time to help them deepen relationships with one another.

What’s your goal for 6th graders coming out of the ministry?
In a word, maturity. We want them to come out of the ministry more spiritually, socially, and emotionally mature - prepared to handle the challenges and pressures ahead of them. They will also come out with clear expectations about what it means to be involved in the student ministry.