As Providence continues to grow, it’s important that we make the best use of every seat in every service every Sunday. Currently, we see high attendance in our 9:30 am and 11:00 am service times while the 8:00 am service is routinely under-attended.


Average 8:00 am Service Capacity


Average 9:30 am Service Capacity


Average 11:00 am Service Capacity

Since most first-time guests attend one of the later gatherings, we are asking you to commit to regularly attending the 8:00 am service for the next twelve months, beginning on or before August 13. Our goal is to see at least 300 people committed to attending this service.

Please prayerfully consider making this commitment and talk with those in your community about committing along with you. Your commitment makes room at the 9:30 and 11:00 services for more men, women, and children to hear the gospel and grow as disciples.

The Next Ten Years

Over the next decade, we’re aiming to plant or revitalize 8 new churches, send 20 new missionaries units, and launch over 80 new community groups. Before we do that, we first have to address our physical space constraints. Entrusted & Sent is an initiative designed to do just that.