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Book Clubs are back, offering you an opportunity to look more closely at issues and topics impacting your life in a group environment. Some groups are men only or women’s only, while others are for anyone and everyone! Browse the book options below and register for a book club that interests you.

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Social Sanity in an Insta World

By Sarah Eekhoff Zylstra | Led by WHITNEY EATON
For Women | Meets SEPTEMBER 22 | 10:00 AM

I gave up social media nearly 4 years ago. I haven’t missed it in the least – however, my new role at church as left me to wonder if I am missing out on opportunities to connect with women. This book was incredibly helpful in making wise decisions about participating in social media again. It is a collection of essays by many beloved female leaders in the Church – Jen Wilkin, Melissa Kruger, Laura Wiffler, to name a few. They do not demonize social media. In fact, each chapter opens with the benefits of social media usage. The authors then walk us through how they approach different aspects of social media with Biblical wisdom. I’m excited to discuss their perspectives with you.

A Typical Woman

By Abigail Dodds | Led by Whitney Eaton
For Women | Meets October 27 | 12:00 PM

In a culture that can belittle womanhood on the one hand―making it irrelevant―and glorify it on the other―making it everything―it’s hard to know what it really means to be a woman. But when we understand womanhood through the lens of Scripture, we see that we need a bigger category for what God has called “woman.” This book breathes fresh air into our womanhood, reminding us what life in Christ―as a woman―looks like. When we see that we are women in all we do, we can be at peace with how God has created us, recognizing womanhood as an essential part of Christ’s mission and work.