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What to Expect for Kids

What to Expect for Kids

We hold your child’s safety, as well as their spiritual development, in the highest regard.

These things are done to ensure that your child is receiving good biblical teaching as well as loving guidance from their teacher:

Our volunteers have all completed a background check, had an interview with an elder as part of becoming a covenant member of Providence Church, met with a Providence Kids leader, and completed at least two weeks of shadowing and training. They are continually monitored by our service coordinators and Providence Kids leaders.

Our check-in system ensures that children are only released to the person who checked them into the service. Our safety team ensures that no one enters the children’s area without a check-in sticker.

We maintain a safe ratio of children to teachers.

We enforce the childcare standard 24-hour sickness rule.

Upon arrival

We open check-in 20 minutes prior to each service.

First-time guests will go to the guest table in our lobby and will be asked to fill out a guest registry card. We'll then walk you to the check-in station, where parents will receive a name tag for each child as well as alpha-numeric check-in stickers. These check-in stickers will all share a common alpha-numeric code. These tags serve two purposes:

  1. Parent Paging: If a child has a medical or behavioral issue, their sticker number will be displayed in the Worship Center. This alerts parents that their assistance is needed, and that they should return to Providence Kids.
  2. Safety: Parents must present their portion of the check-in tag when picking up their child. Children will not be released to any adult without matching check-in tags.

If you plan on visiting Providence Kids for the first time, you can download our visitor check-in card, fill it out and bring it with you.

In the classroom

On Sunday mornings, children’s classes are broken into age groups. Here are specifics for each age group:

Infants & Crawlers

We want you to be able to attend service without distraction or worry so you can listen to what God has to say to you. We also want to give your child a safe and nurturing atmosphere while you are gone for a short while. We are intentional about praying for your child. We pray 3-4 verses of Scripture over each child, each Sunday. We attend to your child’s needs – eating, sleeping, diapering, playing, cuddling. Please let us know of particular needs your child has each morning. This room is designed for kids who are tiny and crawling and beginning to take steps. When your child begins to walk with a little confidence, we ask that you check them into the walkers class where they will be with other children of the same speed.


We want these kids to know and realize that they are safe and loved. During this toddler stage, kids are realizing parents are gone and learning that they will return. In response to this, we spend a full 30 minutes at the beginning of each class just connecting with the children. As is consistent within Providence Kids, we use The Gospel Project to hear from God’s word, both connecting it to the lesson and reinforcing it during playtime. Following the time of connection and play, we engage the kids in dancing and listening to one or two upbeat songs, many of which are used in the older kids’ worship as well. Then we seat the children at the table for a snack of cheerios, while teaching them a true story from the Bible. We intentionally repeat the story for two Sundays in a row, so they can have a basic, yet firm understanding of the lesson. After the story, we sing 2-3 songs to model worship and/or engage the kids, one of which is the same every month. If one of these kids asks for a parent, you will often hear us say, “They’re worshipping God and learning about Jesus, just like you are.”


The two-years-old class is very similar to the preschool classes, with worship, a true story from the Bible, Scripture memory, and The Gospel Project lesson, but there are some differences. The main difference is that the two-year-olds hear a new story every week, but the stories share the same overall truth for about a month. This is a model used by other churches, as well as television shows targeted at this age group like Blue’s Clues (field tests show that a preschooler’s attention and comprehension increase with each repeated lesson). This age group thrives on repetition, and we want these kids to really get what we are teaching them. Since the kids promote in and out of the class on their birthday, this class is constantly seeing new faces throughout the year.


On Sunday mornings, preschoolers from three to five years learn what it looks like to love and trust Jesus. At the beginning of class, children engage in worship and sing songs to Jesus. After worship, they hear a story from Scripture and participate in a craft or activity. (We often use Jesus Storybook Bible and Big Picture Bible in our storytelling.) During the morning’s snack time, the teachers review the big picture question and answer to connect it with the Bible story. Then, children learn their monthly memory verse by listening and dancing to Scripture memory songs like Seeds Family Worship. Toward the end of class, the children participate in a class activity to reinforce that morning’s lesson. Each month, a verse memory card will come home with your child. Put this on the fridge and refer to it when you have family devotional time. On the back of the verse card, you’ll find information regarding what your child has learned and will be learning on each Sunday during that month.


Our prayer is that all elementary aged students would begin to establish a biblical worldview in light of who God is and how we are to respond to him and his Word. Students engage in large group worship with songs intentionally chosen to teach the character and majesty of God. They will hear teaching from God’s Word and participate in small group activities based on lesson’s focus and on that week’s memory verse. Elementary students use real scripture Bibles like the ESV Seek and Find Bible to encourage reading and understanding scripture. 

At pickup

Pick up requires the parental portion of the check-in tag received during check-in. Parents will show their tag to the teacher or small group leader greeting at the door. The leader will then match the numbers and release the child to the parent. Upon check-out, parents can pick up family resources that we hope will help them follow up with their kids about what was discussed in Providence Kids.

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