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Weekly Meetings

Weekly Meetings

We meet on Sunday afternoons from 3:00-5:00 p.m. throughout the school year. Every week, our students experience a variety of activities that are designed to help them grow in their love for God, the Church, and the world. Here's what you can expect every week: 

Providence Students has a new weekly meeting time - Sunday afternoons from 3:00-5:00 p.m.


Weekly Experience

Every Sunday afternoon, we worship Jesus through singing, teaching, playing games, talking about life in small groups, and praying together. We start each weekly meeting by gathering together as a whole student ministry (high school and middle school students) to sing. After singing, we split the groups and each group goes through a different order, tailored to their age levels.

High School Experience

After singing, high school students experience gospel-centered teaching, a fun activity that is designed to develop student relationships, and life-centered small group discussions.

Middle School Experience

After singing, middle school students play fun, interactive games, participate in gospel-centered teaching, and spend time in small groups that are designed to apply the truths of their lesson to their daily lives. 

Ministry Philosophies 

Each youth group is different and has its own unique flavor. Providence Students has a few specific ministry philosophies that influence everything we do. Please read below to learn more.

  • Partnering with Parents – We believe that parents are the primary disciple-makers of their students and that the father is primarily responsible for family leadership. With that in mind, we seek to partner with parents and support their role as disciple-makers, rather than take ownership of the discipleship partners. We see ourselves as partners of discipleship, rather than captains. 
  • Make Disciples – We seek to make disciples both within and without the church. We want to be a fun, encouraging, safe place for our church members to send their students for additional equipping and discipleship outside of the home. But we also want to be a ministry that seeks the lost and leads them to faith in Christ. 
  • Fun & Events Lead to Connectivity – We want to make disciples who love the Church. To counter against a culture that can view church as boring, we want to leverage fun and social activities so that our students recognize the enriching, life-giving, fellowship found within the context of Christian community. Therefore, it is incredibly important to us that students have fun! We want our students to feel safe and to connect with one another, and we believe social events provide an avenue for creating deeper intimacy and relationships. This philosophy impacts our calendar planning, event planning, and general philosophy on fun and ministry.
  • The Ministry of the Word – Providence Students is ultimately a ministry of the Word. In everything we do, we want to faithfully teach, proclaim, and administer the Word of God. We believe that God works through His word and that faithful preaching should be at the center of Christian worship services. Additionally, we want to effectively teach students how to read and understand their Bibles so that they can know God, love Him, and live for Him. Therefore, decisions, events, philosophies, strategies, and more should be supported by the Bible and should support a greater ministry of the Word.
  • Long-Term Perspective – We believe that discipleship is a long-term, messy, grace-filled, grace-fueled journey. Knowing that God himself is in charge of our salvation and sanctification, we work with an expectant and patient mentality that sees discipleship as a long-term game. Therefore, on a weekly basis, we will be patient with students as they wrestle with sin and doubt, we will consistently point them to Christ and share the gospel, and we will pray for God to actively work in their hearts. 
  • Hope & Care - Collin County students need the hope of the gospel and the care of Christian community. We seek to major in these two traits as culturally distinctive advantages that will enable us to care for the lost and broken students of Collin County.