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Vertical Marriage

Vertical Marriage

Vertical Marriage is designed for couples who desire to experience the richness of God’s design for marriage. The class content is built upon core biblical truths of marriage. Each session you will engage with biblical teaching, practical application, and interactions with other couples in a “community group” like setting. Other key elements of the ministry include prayer, accountability, and mutual encouragement.

No matter what stage of marriage you're in, Vertical Marriage is the perfect place for you to be challenged to grow in your love for the Lord and your spouse. 

About Vertical Marriage:

  • Who should sign up for Vertical Marriage? Vertical Marriage was created primarily to focus on married couples; however, a husband or wife could attend without their spouse and still reap the benefits for themselves and their marriage. Vertical Marriage is designed for discipling couples in all phases of life; it provides biblical resources for those looking to enrich their marriage or focus on a specific challenge.
  • What topics will Vertical Marriage address? Vertical Marriage will focus on the vertical relationship with God first and foremost, with the horizontal relationship of marriage being influenced by that relationship. Topics will include pride and humility, accepting and extending grace and forgiveness, sanctification through trials, identity, and selfless living.