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Integrity and Godly Sincerity (2 Corinthians 1:12-24)





Discussion Questions

Consider some of the men and women God has used in your life to help you grow as a Christian. In what ways did they demonstrate integrity and Godly sincerity? 

When ministering to others, how important is it for them to see our sincerity? Do the people you're ministering to know that you care deeply for them? 

Part of why Paul could appeal to his sincerity with the Corinthians is that he had spent a considerable amount of time with them (Acts 18:11). For a year and a half, he preached to and lived among them, and they could see firsthand the way he conducted himself. Who in your life are you investing in like this? Are there people God is calling you to start spending more intentional time with? 


Questions for Preschool

Q: What does it mean to forgive?

A: When we forgive others, we give them another chance and continue to show them love even when they have done something wrong to us.


Q: Can you think of a time today where you forgave someone or needed to forgive?

A: Allow your child the opportunity to think and share.


Q: Why should we forgive others?

A: Jesus tells us to always forgive. He knows that if we keep hate or bitterness against people in our hearts, it really harms us instead of the other person. God has shown us forgiveness for all of our sin by allowing Jesus’ death on the cross to pay the punishment for our sin. Because of what Jesus has done for us, God has forgiven us and we can have a close relationship with Him. Because of this, we have a reason to forgive others.


Questions for Elementary


Q: What does Jesus say about forgiveness?

A: Look together at Matthew 18:21-35 to read some of Jesus’ teaching on forgiveness. Jesus says we should always be willing to offer forgiveness.


Q: Why do you think it is important to forgive?

A: When we hold on to feelings of anger and resentment towards others, we only harm ourselves by allowing sin to stay in our hearts. When we forgive others, we are freed from those feelings, and we also show the love and forgiveness of Christ. Because God forgave our sin through Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross, we also should be ready and willing to offer forgiveness to others when they sin against us.


Q: When we offer forgiveness to others, whose example do we follow? How can this be used as a witness to people who do not know and love God?

A: When we offer forgiveness, we are following Christ’s example. Because forgiveness is hard and against our human nature, when we forgive others we point them to Jesus by showing them God’s love working through us.


Parents, share about a time when you offered forgiveness to someone even though it was hard. Talk about how God worked in that situation.