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Habakkuk's Prayer of Faith (Habakkuk 3:1-16)



Discussion Questions

Though his circumstances had not changed, and though he was told the situation would only get worse for the time being, Habakkuk sings a song of praise to God. How do you think Habakkuk was able to do this? What shifted in his mind?

In 3:3-7, Habakkuk reflects on how God helped his people in the past by delivering them from slavery in Egypt. How did this give Habakkuk hope in his own day (v 2)? How does this give you hope today?

God is a warrior who fights for his people (3:8-15). How does knowing that God fights for you transform the way you perceive your daily challenges and troubles?

Questions for Preschool

Q: What is prayer?
A: Prayer is talking to God.

Q: Why should we pray?
A: We pray to give our concerns and fears to God. When we talk to God regularly, He helps us learn to love and trust Him more.

Questions for Elementary

Q: What can you pray about?
A: Allow kids to answer; possible answers include - to love God more, to align our hearts with His, to cast our cares and fears on Him, for help in times of trouble or need, when we need comfort, etc. We can tell all of our thoughts and feelings to God, because He knows them anyway! He desires us to come to Him in prayer.

Q: How is it possible for us to go to God in prayer?
A: Because we are born in sin, we are naturally separated from God. Jesus made the way for us to have a restored relationship with God by His sacrifice for our sin on the cross. When we choose to believe in and follow Jesus, we can have a relationship with God and he promises that He hears our prayers.

Spend some time reading some of the following passages together that deal specifically with God hearing and answering the prayers of the righteous (those in Christ whose sin has been paid for by his death on the cross). (Suggested verses: Proverbs 15:29, 1 Peter 3:12, John 16:24, 1 John 5:15, Hebrews 4:16) Then, pray with your child and encourage them to share what is on their heart with the Lord.

Questions for Teens

Notice the difference between Habakkuk’s first few prayers and his prayer in today’s passage. How is this prayer different from the others?

What is Habakkuk’s attitude towards the Lord in this passage?
In Habakkuk’s prayer, he remembers God’s faithfulness in the past. God’s past faithfulness brings us present hope for the future. What examples do you see from your past that reveal God’s faithfulness in your life?

How does God’s past faithfulness to his people give you hope for today? How does it give you hope moving forward?