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Confrontation and Forgiveness (2 Corinthians 2:1-11)




Discussion Questions


What evidences do you see in this passage of Paul's love for the Corinthians? 


Many times we must say hard truths to those we minister to. How does love for them impact the way we do that? 


What instructions does Paul give the Corinthians for the individual who has sinned (2:5-11)? What is the ultimate goal when disciplining someone for their sin? 


Questions for Preschool

Q: How can we glorify God?

A: We can glorify God by loving Him and by obeying His commands and law.


Q: What is the gospel?

A: The gospel is the good news that Jesus came to save sinners like you and me.


Q: Why is the gospel good news?

A: Talk with your child about the problem of sin - we all are born into sin that separates us from God. We are unable to save ourselves from our sin. The gospel is good news because God loves us so much that He sent Jesus to rescue us and save us from our sin. The good news of the gospel has made a way for us to have a close relationship with God and live forever with Him.



Questions for Elementary

Q: What is an aroma? Can you give an example of your favorite aroma? 

A: An aroma is a fragrance (something that you smell). Allow your child to brainstorm different aromas that they like (chocolate chip cookies, popcorn, peppermint, etc.)


Q: What does it mean to be the “aroma of Christ to God among those who are being saved and among those who are perishing”?

A: As Christians, our lives should point others to Christ. The message of the gospel is life to some (those who are being saved) and a message of condemnation to those who reject it (those who are perishing).


Q: What is your response to the gospel? 

A: Allow your child to answer openly.


Q: If you are a Christian, how can you be the “aroma of Christ” to those in your life this week?

A: Allow your child to discuss ways they can point others to Jesus this week. Then,  pray together and ask the Lord to help you to be obedient in the ways that you discussed together.


Questions for Teens

What do you think Paul means when he says “but we work with you for your joy?” (2 Corinthians 1:24) What are ways you can work with your peers, for their joy? 

Have you ever grieved for a friend, out of deep love for them? What does it look like for believers to grieve for other believers, out of love? (2:4)

Have you ever thought about not only forgiving but also comforting the people around you? What do you think would happen if you comforted the people you forgave? (2:7-8)

Why do we forgive people “in the presence of Christ” for their sake? (v.10)