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Redemption Groups

Redemption Groups

Redemption Groups is a ministry that equips us to better understand our stories in light of God’s redemptive story.


A Redemption Group (RG) is a highly engaged small group where participants experience the love of God shining into some of life’s deepest areas of sin and suffering.  At Providence Church, Redemption provides a valuable context where we see God bring about redemption and transformation in the lives of participants. It serves as a supporting resource to the day-to-day ministry that occurs within our Community Groups.

Here is what a Providence RG participant had to say about their experience:

“I went into Redemption Groups knowing I wanted to work through my struggles in people pleasing and anxiety. But God opened my eyes to areas of unbelief that I didn’t realize were there. Additionally, RG equipped me with practical tools for the Christian life that has transformed how I engage in community, discipleship, and my relationship with God. I am incredibly grateful for the experience I had in RG."

Watch the video below for some more stories of Redemption:


Redemption Groups at Providence Church provide a valuable context where we see God bring about redemption and transformation in the lives of participants. There is no secret ingredient or special method to RGs. The hope for transformation, healing, liberation and empowerment always remains in the person of Jesus as he works through his Spirit, Word (the Bible), and Church.


  • Glorify God – The highest goal of RGs is to bring greater glory to God by cooperating with his work of redemption in the community of believers.
  • Equip the Saints – RGs create an additional means to restore and equip the saints of Providence Church to minister to others (Eph. 4:12), not merely to receive ministry.
  • Support Community Groups – Community Groups (CGs) are central to the life of Providence. RGs serve as a supplemental ministry to support the existing equipping, care and missional engagement CGs pursue.


  • Church Membership – RGs at Providence is a ministry with limited capacity. Covenant members have committed themselves to the community of Providence Church and have submitted themselves to its leadership. Though every congregant is precious to our church, RG participation is limited to members or those in pursuit of membership to prioritize their equipping and care.

If you'd like to become a member, please visit our membership page and sign up for the next membership class.

  • Community Group Engagement – Because the Christian life is to be lived within a community of believers, each RG applicant must be meaningfully engaged with a CG. More than simply attending CG gatherings, each participant should be prioritizing relationships outside of group time to encourage, challenge and hold each other accountable to walking a life in pursuit of God and his mission. Without community engagement, the potential impact of RGs is significantly stunted. On a case-by-case basis, RG leadership will consider whether to accept an applicant who is yet to engage in a CG under the condition that he/she commits to pursue CG engagement.

If you are not in a Community Group yet, please visit our CG page to find one near you. 

  • Advocates – To facilitate the transfer of what is learned in RGs to everyday life we ask each participant to identify 2-3 advocates with whom participants will share regular updates (at least bi-weekly) on what God is doing in his/her life through the RG process. All advocates must be local. One should ideally be your CG Leader and at least one other must be part of Providence, preferably within the same CG. RG leaders may connect with advocates from time-to-time to ensure consistent care, needed follow through and sufficient support is in place for the RG participant in his/her primary community.

Find out more about advocates here.

  • Attendance – The expectation is that participants will be present and engaged for every session. If travel or other commitments will cause you to miss a session, we encourage you to consider a future session.


Participants gather for large group teaching and gender-specific small groups of ~6 facilitated by two co-leaders. In these smaller groups, the curriculum’s themes are explored and applied more personally. RGs are currently offered twice a year in the spring and the fall. 


To help us cover the cost of materials, RGs cost $40/person. You’ll pay after you’ve completed the application and have been approved as a participant. Mike Wilkerson's Redemption book, as well as the companion workbook, are included. If cost is a constraint please email scott@providencefrisco.com so we can explore a way for you to participate.


  • Participants commit to complete the Wilderness Travel Plan, share it with his or her Advocates and invite support and accountability as they seek to walk it out.
  • Participants also agree to at least two follow-up calls/meetings with his or her Advocate approximately 1 month and 4 months after participation, again, to ensure sufficient support is in place in his/her primary community.