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Redemption Groups

A ministry that equips us to better understand our stories in light of God’s redemptive story.

Our next Redemption Groups session will be in Spring 2019. For more information, email  

Our Need for Redemption

In coming to save sinners, Jesus’ goal was not only to ensure that we would go to heaven after we died, but to ensure that we will become a new creation and have eternal life now. The process of becoming a new creation and being brought into freedom is called redemption.

One of the primary means God uses to redeem His children is through community. Generally speaking, the best way to experience the benefits of being in community is to join a community group.

Yet while community groups may be a crucial means of experiencing the benefits of redemption, it is not the only means of doing so. For believers who are struggling with habitual sins (such as addictions, fear of man, anxiety, etc.) or the effects of past abuses in their life, more concentrated and intensive care may be necessary. This is where Redemption Groups come in.

Redemption Groups are a complement to community groups, a “rest stop,” designed to equip people with the truths of the Gospel and help them return to the “highway” that is their community group.

What is a Redemption Group?

A Redemption Group is an intense small group that digs deep into difficult and seldom-discussed areas of life, such as abuse, addiction, and trials of all sorts.

What does this look like?

There are usually eight people per group with two co-leaders and six participants. Each session of Redemption Groups includes two parts:

Teaching on the Gospel in Exodus – Redemption Group curriculum follows the story of Exodus, with the Israelites journeying through the wilderness from slavery to freedom. As we follow this biblical narrative, we see how Jesus was and is our ultimate redemption. The teaching is based on the book of Exodus and corresponds with the book Redemption: Freed by Jesus From the Idols We Worship and the Wounds We Carry.

Intense Discussion in Small Groups – Participants should expect to expose their lives to others and be willing to engage the struggles of others. These groups do not provide professional counseling or therapy. They are built upon the idea that the Gospel is the power of God to redeem every wound and every deeply worn pattern of sin. We believe that when concerned and compassionate brothers and sisters come together in Christ, relying on the Holy Spirit to share and speak into one another’s lives, God changes them as together they take one step forward at a time.

Sin and Suffering

Someone entangled in a habitual sin (addiction) not only needs delivery from sin, but also to come face to face with a Redeemer who delivers from suffering, pain, and misery. Someone limping from the wounds of abuse is not only desperate to know the compassionate presence of Jesus, but is also in great need of the Word, which discerns the sinful intentions that turn a wounded heart into a wounding heart. Our sins and sufferings are inextricably interwoven and Jesus redeems it all.


Many initially join a Redemption Group to address a behavior (“I thought I was here to learn how to stop looking at porn”) or support a spouse, but God often accomplishes something much deeper.

Just the Beginning

A Redemption Group is only the beginning in a lifelong journey. Groups are brief and get right to work, meeting only about five weeks. Participants leave groups armed with new ways of seeing God and themselves, and tools for working it out over time in community.