How Do You Respond?


As we celebrate Advent together, we want to help you approach this season with purpose and intentionality. This post is part of a four week devotional series designed to guide you toward Christmas day. Spend some time reading this with your family or some close friends, then take some time to answer the discussion questions together.

Read: Luke 1:39-56

What is your response to the blessings of God? This scene of celebration teaches us how to respond! Mary, Elizabeth – even Elizabeth’s unborn son, John – all enter into the celebration together, because all share in the blessings together. Mary is blessed because the baby that she carries is blessed! Through him will come the fulfillment of God’s promise to Abraham—in him “all the families of the earth will be blessed” (Genesis 12:3)!

Mary’s song is often referred to as the Magnificat (the first word of the song in Latin). In response to the blessings of God, Mary magnified the One who remembered her and exalted her. To magnify is to “make great.” Picture looking through a magnifying glass: it enlarges the object and allows you to see it clearly and wonder at its detail. Mary’s song does just that. It makes great the name of the Lord as it draws our attention to what he has done for her.

But the blessings of the Lord are not only for Mary—her song goes on to magnify the Lord for his character toward all those who fear him. Her song doesn’t exalt herself—it is all about the Lord who has exalted her! Mary’s song puts the work of God under the magnifying glass. We see in detail who he is: mighty, holy, merciful, and strong. He remembers his people and his promises.

Mary sings, “From now on all generations will call me blessed,” and generations later, we do just that. As Mary magnifies the Lord, we’re invited to enter into her celebration and worship with her, because we too are blessed by the Lord who has done great things for us!

Discuss With Others

What great things has the Lord done for you?

How can you magnify the Lord and invite others to rejoice with you?