Honor Marriage

Week of 7.3.2022 | Day Two

The Seventh Commandment is meant to protect the covenant (or promise) between one man and one woman to love each other with a special, focused love for their whole life. We are to remain faithfully committed to the person we marry and not seek this kind of special relationship with other people outside the marriage or desire to be married to other people. Within this command to honor marriage, we see it is also a command to live a pure and faithful life. It applies to every one of Yahweh’s image bearers, young or old, male or female, single or married. Just like the Sixth Commandment, obedience to this commandment begins in the heart.

We understand that this commandment might be a difficult one to talk about based on your circumstances. If you or your kids have been hurt by an imperfect marriage or divorce, we know how difficult that can be. Remember God’s faithful love for you, even in the difficulty. Take time to pray and ask God to help your family see how He is gracious and forgiving. Ask God to give you a view of marriage as He intended and to see His faithfulness to you, even when people fail.


Great Is Thy Faithfulness
The Worship Initiative

Wholly Yours (Ephesians 3:18-19)
Shane and Shane, Kingdom Kids


Genesis 2:18-25


What job did God give Adam in the garden of Eden? 

Look at the creation story and notice how many times God says, “It was good.” What does God say is not good?

In all of God’s wonderful creation, what was missing?

How did God create the first woman?

How does verse 25 describe the way Adam and Eve felt being together?


Take time to pray together, thanking God for creating man and woman, both in His image, as two parts that make a whole, providing the design for marriage.

Family Challenge

Discuss ways your family can be faithful to honor Christ by being part of the church. What does that look like for your family? Some examples might be taking the steps toward membership, serving, tithing, seeing needs and helping meet them, and finding other ways to use your gifts for the glory of God.