Honor God’s Day of Rest

Week of 6.12.2022 | Day Three

God wants to bless His people with rest. He created us with limitations and we need to be reminded that we are dependent on God to provide for us in every way. We might think we are independent and able to get by on our own, but the reality is we are not. This is the heart behind the Fourth Commandment, that we realign ourselves to Yahweh whom we depend on and rest in Him. We need to trust in God to provide and not in our own efforts.

Jesus Christ fulfills this command perfectly by providing us with rest from trying to earn our salvation. We can never work hard enough to save ourselves, we rest in what only Jesus could do! Jesus allows us to enter into peace with God and eternal rest from the weariness of sin.


I Surrender All
Idlewild Kids Worship

Q9 – What Does the Law Require in the First, Second, and Third Commandments?
New City Catechism


Mark 3:1-6


How does today’s scripture reading compare to yesterday’s? 

What was the Pharisees’ attitude toward Jesus?

Why was Jesus grieved by the Pharisees?

Why do you think Jesus healed on the Sabbath if it was against the law to do work on the Sabbath? 
Jesus knows the heart of our Heavenly Father God better than anyone. He knows that God gave the law to show His loving kindness, inviting His people to enter into the rest of the Father. Healing, even on the Sabbath, is in line with the heart of the Father because it brings relief and rest to a hurting person. 

How does this passage point us to the gospel?
When we have faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, we are able to experience true rest from our sin and efforts to earn salvation, something that the Pharisees missed because they did not believe.


Take time to pray and thank God for providing you with true rest through Jesus Christ.

Family Challenge

Make a plan for how your family will honor the Sabbath. Be intentional with this plan, centering everything around the heart of the command, resting and delighting in the Lord.