God Uses Judges to Deliver His People

Week of 5.1.2022 | Day Two

The Israelites were sinking further and further into sin. They were caught up in a cycle of sin: sin, oppression, repentance, deliverance, peace, then back to sin. God sent judges to remind them of His mighty works and how much He loved His people. He would deliver them, but the peace didn’t last long before they forgot God and went back to sinning. The people needed a greater deliverer, a greater peace. The people needed Jesus Christ! 


Walk in His Ways (Psalm 128:1)
Seeds Family Worship

God Always Keeps His Promises
Ology, Sovereign Grace Music


Judges 6:1-3, 11-16, 22-27, 


If you have older kids, consider reading all of Judges 6 and 7.

Ideas for how to discuss this with your kids:

What was the attitude of the Israelites at the beginning of chapter 6?

Why was Midian a problem for Israel (vs. 2-4)?

What did Gideon say  to the angel of the Lord when it appeared(vs. 13)?

What did the angel of the Lord tell Gideon to do (vs. 14)? 

How did Gideon respond (vs. 16)? 

What encouragement did the angel of the Lord give to Gideon (vs. 16, 23)?

What did Gideon and the ten men do that night (vs. 25-26)?

Why did he do it at night (vs. 27)? 
God used Gideon to remind the people that He alone was the One True God, and that the false gods of Baal and Asherah could not compare to Him.

We will read more about Gideon tomorrow to see how God used him to save the people from the Midianites.


Pray together as a family about what you read today. Praise God for being the One True God, mighty, merciful, and faithful, even when we are unfaithful. 

Family Challenge

Discuss the different cycles in your own family. This includes the cycle of work and school, semesters and holidays, that orient most families schedules. This could also include cycles of earning allowance for doing chores and then getting to spend what they earn. There could be other cycles that are not as fruitful, such as the cycle of anger or frustration, when a child does not get their way. They lose their temper, get angry, receive consequences or find a way out of their frustration, and are happy until they don’t get their way again. 

As you identify the cycles in your family, talk and pray about how you can redeem those for the Lord. Seek to glorify the Lord in those cycles, no matter what they are, so they do not become patterns of sin.