God Provides for Hannah

Week of 5.15.2022 | Day One


The Lord is Near (Psalm 34:17-18)
Seeds Family Worship

We Exalt Thee
Shane and Shane


1 Samuel 1:4-11, 20-28


What do you think it means to “pour your heart out” to the Lord? Have you ever done that?

Why do you think God gave Hannah what she asked for?  
Hannah loved and trusted God. She wanted a son and promised to dedicate him to God’s service. Hannah’s actions show her desire to honor God. We can be honest with God about what we want and need. He will always do what is best. Even when God says no or allows us to experience hard times, we can trust He is working for His glory and our good.

Does God really hear us when we pray?  
Guide kids to recognize that through Jesus, we have direct access to God through prayer. Prayer is another way we can know Him more and grow in our relationship with Him. The Bible tells us that we can have confidence that when we seek the Lord through prayer, He will hear us. Even if we do not see God answer our prayers like we think he should, we have to trust that His ways are greater than ours.


Pray together as a family about what you read today. Praise God for the ways He has answered your prayers.

Family Challenge

Volunteer with your family to serve our church in some way, such as cleaning or organizing classrooms for the kids ministry or getting involved in Backyard Kids Clubs. Summer is a great time for volunteering together! Discuss the ways Hannah and Samuel each had to trust God. Talk about the different ways we have to trust God, too.