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Freedom Groups


Monday Nights | 6:30-8:00 pm

Freedom Groups are a way to help people look at their sins, sorrows, and struggles beyond behavior and circumstance. We get to the root level of the heart and view all of life through the lens of the gospel, in order to gain freedom in Jesus Christ:

  • There is freedom for sinners to be restored in Christ.
  • There is freedom for sufferers to be comforted in Christ.
  • There is freedom for wanderers to be brought back to Christ.

Freedom Groups is a church-based curriculum that offers freedom from stubborn strongholds and hope for enduring suffering.  In a 13 session intensive small group experience, the goal of Freedom Groups is to provide help, hope, and healing that can only be found in the gospel. This is not a recovery ministry or support group, but rather a discipleship resource for all believers to see and savor more fully the freedom Christ paid for on the cross.