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Family Worship

On Sunday mornings at 11am, your family can join Providence for worship at home at Providence Kids offers a variety of resources to help you worship together as a family during that time. Here are some suggested ways to structure your family worship, along with tips and resources to help you engage your family in worship.


Use the time before the live stream begins to have a short family worship session. Sing a song with your kids using the kids worship videos in the playlist below.

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Read a short Bible story with your kids. (Find some of our favorite children's Bibles and family worship books at the link below.)


ExclamationTIP: If you have multiple ages in your household, gear your story to one that will be engaging for your youngest child. Your older children will also get the benefit of hearing the truths from the story, and they can even have a part in teaching and reinforcing truths for your younger children.

Talk about the story and ask your kids about what they have learned about God, themselves, and others.


Pray together, thanking God for His word and inviting Him to work in your hearts during this Sunday morning time together.

Talk about expectations for family worship during the live stream.

  • Encourage your kids to sing along with the adult worship songs.
  • Provide a snack or activity to keep children's hands busy and ears listening during the sermon. 

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Busy Hands Activities

If you have time during the week, prepare these activities to keep little hands busy during the sermon:

Color for Custard Contest

Download and print this week's coloring page for your child to color during the sermon. Share a picture on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram using the hashtag #provkidsfrisco for a chance to win an Andy's gift card. Find more details at

Sermon Notes

Download and print this sermon notes page to help older kids pay attention and learn during the sermon.


After the live stream, use the age-appropriate questions in the discussion guide to talk about this week's sermon. Each week you'll find questions for pre-k, elementary, and teens. 

Discussion Guide Button

ExclamationTIP: Save the discussion questions until a mealtime - use them to guide your conversation around the lunch or dinner table.