Elisha Serves as a Prophet

Week of 9.18.2022 | Day One


Do You Not Know (Isaiah 40:28-31)
Slugs and Bugs

Build My Life
Brentwood Benson


2 Kings 2:1-14


How does Elisha show his persistence and faithfulness to becoming Elijah’s successor? 
Point out that every time Elijah told him to stay behind he insisted on going with him. Elisha did not want to leave Elijah. He took his responsibility seriously.

What does this scene in verse 8 remind you of? 
Help kids remember back to Exodus 14:21-31 when Moses parted the Red Sea and Joshua 3:14-17 when Israel prepared to go into the promised land. 

Can you imagine seeing a chariot of fire with horses of fire coming down from heaven?
Talk about that scene and what it might have been like.

What miracles did you see in this story that point to the incredible power that only God can give?


God, thank You for giving Your Spirit to every believer to help them share the good news of Jesus. You give power and boldness to Your people so the world can know Jesus and believe in Him. Give us Your Spirit and help us to tell others about Jesus.