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Easter Outreach

Easter Outreach

Providence family, this Easter offers a unique opportunity for us to invite our neighbors, friends, and family to hear the good news! Those who may not step foot in a church may be willing to watch online. We want to help you to invite them to do just that.

With stay-in-place restrictions and the spread of COVID-19, there are new challenges to sharing the gospel and loving our neighbors. However, there are ways we can still engage our neighbors and share the hope of the gospel.


Click here for a printable invitation that you can print and use in your neighborhoods.

Join Me Online This Easter

Even while remaining in our homes, there are incredible opportunities to invite those around us. Share an invitation on your social media profiles or within your neighborhood groups. Text your friends and family members with a personal invitation. We've created graphics and simple invitations that you can share, but we encourage you to personalize them. Take this opportunity to share the hope that you have because of Easter's good news!

Click here to download images and sample invitations to share on social media.

If you're looking for a simple, one-click invitation, Facebook couldn't make it any easier! Click here to share our Facebook event to your own profile - your friends will have all the details they need to join us online on Easter Sunday.

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If you want even more resources to help you talk with the people around you about what we're celebrating this week, check out You'll find a worship guide for your own use, worship playlists, and videos and devotionals. You'll also find a simple, one-page summary of the significance of Palm Sunday, Good Friday, and Easter Sunday and a simple gospel presentation to share with your friends.