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Join a Community Group

Community Groups are a place for us to study God’s word together, love one another, serve our community, and participate in the mission of God for his glory and our joy.

Join us for Group Connect on Sunday, January 9, from 6:30-8:00 pm. During this time, you'll meet leaders of Community Groups near you, and you'll hear about our vision for community and how Community Groups support the mission of the church. 


Making Disciples in Community

Our goal at Providence Church is to be a body of believers engaged in glorifying God by making disciples through the gospel, in community, and on mission. Community groups are one of the main ways we see this happen at Providence. We believe that active involvement in community is important for your spiritual health as a part of this local church.

Distinctives of Community Groups at Providence

1) They are largely geographically located 
2) They are diverse in that we want them to reflect the family of God in both gender, race, and age 
3) They meet regularly throughout the month 
4) They fellowship together 
5) They study the Bible together 
6) They pray together 
7) They hold each other accountable 
8) They bear one another’s burdens 
9) They provide support and help 
10) They serve together 
11) They focus on discipleship 
12) They engage in Christ's mission

What Community Groups are not:

1) It is NOT a sermon 
2) It is NOT merely a Bible Study 
3) It is NOT merely a prayer meeting
4) It is NOT merely a social gathering

5) It is NOT just about the individual 
6) It is NOT going to meet all your needs