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Why We Tell Stories

AZ Stories

“Go home to your friends and tell them how much the Lord has done for you, and how he has had mercy on you.” Mark 5:19

Storytelling is one of the most powerful and compelling ways to communicate truth. This is incredibly important when it comes to biblical truth, as we see Jesus use simple stories and parables to communicate deep truths about God and his kingdom. The Bible itself is really one giant story about the creation of the world, the fall of man, and how God is redeeming a people through himself through Christ. Stories help personify doctrines that we preach from the pulpit by giving real life examples of people living out or experiencing these truths.

At Providence, our mission is to glorify God. Our testimonies are meant to shine a spotlight on Jesus and his grace in our lives, and this is why we share stories.

Jesus commissioned his disciples to be his witnesses. When a person is brought to the witness stand in a courtroom, they are not being asked to just speak about themselves or whatever they want to speak about. They are supposed to shed light on the matter at hand – the one who is on trial.

Our testimonies are meant to show the world the beauty of Christ. God is doing so much in our body that most of us never hear about. People are coming to faith in Christ, marriages are being restored, lives are being redeemed, people are living on mission in their neighborhoods and overseas, and many are being set free from sin and addiction. These stories bring glory to God and give hope to his people. Life is hard and hearing real life stories from others going through similar struggles and milestones of life can help build up the body.

We're looking for people willing to share stories about how the Lord is working in their lives, whether they seem big or small, and I encourage you to consider ways that your story points to Jesus. Share a story about how God is working in your life at providencefrisco.com/stories.