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The Blessing of Serving

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"The gospel unites us as family. We’re different races, stages of life, neighborhoods where we would never cross paths, and have little in common, yet we are connected through our faith."

Years ago, my husband Aaron and I attended a church where we heard a sermon on 1 Peter 4:10, which reads, “As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another, as good stewards of God’s varied grace.” At that point we really understood our calling to serve the church. We realized we were only taking from the church and not letting God use our gifts, and that we were missing out on what the church really is: a community of people working to serve each other, love one another, and build each other up. We immediately signed up to serve in kids because like in many churches, this area needed the most help. I remember being so nervous. I did not know how to teach kids, as my son was only two at the time. The first Sunday we served I expected to be overwhelmed, but we were filled with such joy and an overwhelming feeling of purpose. Since then we have never attended a church without serving.

Providence is the first large church we have been a part of. We knew we wanted to plug in but weren’t sure where the Lord was calling us. We loved that we got a small glimpse into all of the church’s needs and mission opportunities at membership class. Aaron immediately felt called to the Hospitality Ministry and I fell in love with Little Legacies. We committed early on that we would serve in at least one ministry together, one in which our family can serve too. So we chose to serve as a family in the Hospitality Ministry.

We expected serving the church to be a drain on us as we had a newborn and a 7-year-old along with a stressful job and busy schedules (as all of us do). But we found the opposite. We were encouraged by the relationships we built and the love that resulted from serving others. We saw how the church is to function as a body of believers and how each of us was called to have a part. The time was minimal but the reward was great!

We signed up to serve in the Hospitality Ministry, not fully understanding what it meant. Serving in Hospitality includes greeting people at the front doors as they arrive, or greeting outside the sanctuary door as people go in to find a seat. We’re on the schedule to serve about twice a month, which is easy for us as a family as we’re simply required to be there 30 minutes before the next service begins.

During these 30-minute windows of greeting people, we have met so many people, and we have seen first-hand the diversity of Providence as people from all ethnicities, demographics, neighborhoods, ages, and stages of life gather in one place.

One family in particular has been such a huge blessing to us. This family is from Pakistan, now living in Frisco, and they always give our children and us the biggest hugs and ask how they can be praying for us. We enjoy their smiles and love so much that it’s as if we’ve been lifelong friends. How can it be that this family loves us so much? It’s because the gospel unites us as family. We’re different races, stages of life, neighborhoods where we would never cross paths, and have little in common, yet we are connected through our faith. It brings tears of joy to me to think about them and how God’s love for us is so strong. We feel God’s love through his people. This is how serving in Hospitality has actually become a blessing to us.

Serving the church has helped us in so many other ways. We’ve grown in our walk with Christ as we’ve learned what it means to serve as he did. We’ve fallen in love with the body of the church as we’ve developed lasting friendships that encourage us in all aspects of our life. We’ve seen the church as an extension of our worship. Along the way, our kids have watched us serve and often joined us with excitement because they feel a connection to the church. Serving has also allowed us as parents to walk the walk we’re called as Christians rather than just talk. This has spoken to our children more loudly than anything we can say. Church is now not just a weekly routine to our children but an integral part of their lives where they see themselves as valued participants and children of God.

My husband and I could not imagine being a part of a church and not serving since we’ve learned the blessings that come from loving and working for others. Our children’s view of church is now one that they are excited to be a part of, and we firmly believe that serving has a huge part in that. We encourage you not to miss out on the opportunity to play a role in the body of Christ. It will be a blessing to you!

Editor's Note: If you're interested in serving in the Hospitality Ministry, complete this short form. Someone will follow up with you to help you get involved!