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Providence Students - Here's What's Coming


We are actively preparing resources to encourage and equip all of our students and families during this time of social distancing. Here’s an update from Josh Stewart, Director of Providence Students, about what’s coming in the days and weeks ahead.

Sunday Worship

Until services are resumed, Providence Students will not be hosting a weekly gathering. However, we encourage all students to participate in family worship on Sunday mornings. By worshipping at home with your family, each student will have a unique opportunity to hear Afshin preach, ask your parents questions, and help any younger siblings process and embrace the truths of the gospel. We will provide discussion questions in each week’s Worship at Home post. Click here to find the archive. 

Seeing Clearly Devotional

During this time when students are learning from home and have less activities on their schedules, we want to encourage them to practice pursuing the Lord through the spiritual disciplines. To help with this, we have produced a 40-day devotional called Seeing Clearly. We will release new content each week and you can access it all on the Providence app. Spend every morning reading this devotional to grow in pursuing the Lord and applying the gospel to your daily life. 

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Wednesday Blog

Every Wednesday, you can find a special equipping video designed to help students live intentionally during the pandemic quarantine. While our lives may be in flux, we know the mission has not changed. So, we want to help our students trust the Lord with every area of their lives and live for Him on mission. During these videos, we will answer questions that students submit throughout the week. To submit a question you can email josh@providencefrisco.com or message us on Instagram.


If you are on Instagram, make sure you follow us at @Prov_Students for encouraging content during the quarantine.

Parent Equipping    

Lastly, we want to do our best to help equip families to redeem their days during this quarantine. We think the Lord is providing us a unique opportunity to reset our rhythms and build new ones that are founded on the gospel, our identity, and our mission. We hope to see families come out of this quarantine with stronger, healthier marriages, deeper relationships between parents and students, and families seriously devoted to using their limited time and resources to seeing the glory of God spread.

To this end, you can expect more resources coming soon from Jeremy Herron and I that will highlight how to redeem the three resources you have every day: your time, your conversations, and your energy.

The Lord is our Shepherd and in moments of doubt, sorrow, confusion, and uncertainty, He protects us. He promises that He will keep His people and He will bring us all the way home. In light of this great confidence and assurance, we can zealously pursue what He’s called us to do: make disciples in our homes and in our communities. Let us pray that the Lord will create a gospel renewal in our hearts, in our families, and around the world in response to this virus.