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Remembering That God Pursued Me

2016.01.05 TBorders RG blog-1

I really didn’t think I needed to participate in Redemption Groups. Looking back now, I see this idea as a desperate whisper from the enemy to prevent me from taking a hard look at my heart and a long gaze at God. By the grace of God and the gentle nudge of my wife, I signed up. Even though I didn’t know what to expect, God moved in my heart.

As I walked with my group, I started to see that my surface sins and struggles are indicators of deeper issues: lies I believed about God or myself. For example, how I treat and respond to my wife is shaped by a combination of inward sin, my parents' examples, relationships, and our culture. My desire to escape when things are challenging reveals my tendency to remove Christ from his rightful place in my heart. Instead of putting my wife and family first, I choose myself.

But I began to see not only how much God loves me, but also how he had pursued me as I recounted my story to the group. It was humbling to see how God had been pursuing everyone in my group to bring them to himself. Seeing and remembering his mercy in my life crushes my bent toward comfort and frees me to serve others sacrificially.

We are either moving toward God or toward the world; we cannot do both. The world tells us to paint a pretty picture for others to see. God says to lay all your brokenness, pain, and imperfections in his hands, so that he can replace the mess with himself.

Redemption is for everyone. It is not easy, but messy, and sometimes painful, but God shows time and time again, that if we will humble ourselves, he will heal us (2 Chronicles 7:14, James 4:10, 1 Peter 5:6). There is no one without sin (1 John 1:8). Redemption comes through Christ alone. We exist, individually and as a church, to glorify God. We can look at the stories of his people, see what he has done and praise him.

Editor's Note: Visit the Redemption Groups page to get more information about upcoming sessions and ways you can be involved.