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Redeem Your Day by Redeeming Your Time


Do your daily routines lead to greater worship of Jesus or greater worship of the world?

If we want to grow in our love for Jesus, see our neighbors cared for with the gospel, and see the nations reached with the gospel, then we must be intentional about the way we use our time. Ephesians 5:16 tells us to live intentionally because the days are evil. Simply put, we live in a broken world and our days will not naturally align with our goals for godliness. Every day, we engage in a battle, and in the midst of warfare, we have to think clearly about how we spend our days. 

In today's videos, Jeremy Herron and Josh Stewart provide some helpful direction about how to redeem our days. Specifically, they explore what it looks like to develop gospel-centered routines and how to evaluate your family rhythms based on gospel princples. 

Developing the Right Routines 


3 Questions to Ask Your Family