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Pray Without Ceasing


On Sunday, Afshin preached on our need for prayer and how we pray. As we grow in seeing our need for God and confessing our need in prayer, here are some great resources that can help us along the way.

Tools to help you plan to pray

PrayerMate app (available for free on iPhone and Android)

PrayerMate offers a daily reminder to pray, customizable lists you can populate with people or things you want to pray for, and notes for each person/thing that you can easily update based on needs and answered prayers. I have six lists in PrayerMate on my phone: things I’m thankful for (I make sure to include God’s character and things God has done in my life on the grandest scale, such as salvation and teaching me to know him), ways I’m praying for my walk with God, my family, my friends/community, my church (including elders, Community Group and ministry leaders, future leaders, unbelievers, and so on), and world mission. (See how Tim Challies uses PrayerMate on his iPhone.)

The index card method

Taken from Paul E. Miller’s book A Praying Life, this method uses an index card for each person or thing for which you’re praying that you fill with prayer requests, answers to prayer, and ways to thank God.

Pray Scripture

As Afshin mentioned in his sermon, one of the best ways to know that we are praying according to God’s will is to pray the Bible. Dr. Donald Whitney’s short book, Praying the Bible, is a helpful resource to about praying the Bible, and he teaches us how to meditate and pray God's word by going first to the Psalms, the book of prayers and hymns in the Bible, as well as other parts of the Bible. We learn how the psalmist prayed and how to personalize individual psalms and other passages of Scripture as we pour our hearts out to God (Psalm 62:8).


A well-known method of prayer covers the four letters of ACTS, which stand for Adoration (praising God), Confession (of our sins and our need for God), Thanksgiving (thanking God for salvation, forgiveness, and eternal care and work in our lives), and Supplication (asking God to take action in your life or in others’ lives).

Additional recommendation

In his book called Prayer, Tim Keller mentions several methods of prayer, some of which are listed above.