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Providence Kids - Here's What's Coming


Providence Kids is preparing resources for you and your family to use during this time of social distancing. Here's an update from Jeremy Herron, Director of Providence Kids, about what's coming in the days and weeks ahead.

Worship at Home - Discussion Questions

Our Sunday morning rhythm of walking through the Bible using The Gospel Project for Kids has paused for the moment. While our families are now worshipping at home together, we want to provide questions and answers that pertain to the sermon for our parents to ask their children. Our aim through this is to draw our families closer together as we are spending more time than normal in our houses. 

You'll find these discussion questions in each week's Worship at Home post. Click here to find the archive.

Family Devotional and Elementary Bible Study

During the week you’ll see two new devotionals headed your way: a devotional your whole family can do together and one specifically for your elementary student. This family devotional comes with questions and discussion points for your family using RightNow Media (If you don’t have a RightNow Media account, click here to set up your free login.) For those people who have kids in kindergarten through 5th grade, you’ll see a daily personal Bible study for the elementary kids coming to you in a weekly format.

We know that you may have been thrown into a homeschooling role that you were not prepared for. You may be balancing working from home and now being responsible for your kids full time. What a challenge but also, what an opportunity! We want to help you redeem the time that you have at home together, not add one thing to your plate. That's why we are providing a Family Devotional that you can use with your entire family, as well as a personal Bible study for your elementary age kiddos. What a great opportunity we have to teach our children the discipline and the benefits of daily time with the Lord. It is our prayer that these resources can be used to partner with you as you balance all the new things but also seek to guide your children to "seek first His kingdom". 

Both of these resources are available in the Providence Church app. Click here to download the app.

Providence Kids wants to support our parents by equipping and encouraging you through this time. We’ll focus our efforts on three key categories: redeeming our time, our conversations and our energy.

Redeeming Our Time

Redeeming our time is simply being mindful that we have been given the gift of spending time with those we love. It is one thing that no amount of wealth can change and no amount of strength can ever recover. We want to use our time in a way that is both honoring to God and enriching to our lives and our children’s lives.

Redeeming Our Conversations

Redeeming our conversations starts with your own heart. As you read through Scripture, God often impresses thoughts and conversations into your own heart and He wants you to share those thoughts with your children. Repentance, encouragement, and exhortations should flow from your lips to your children so that they can see God at work in all the areas of their lives. We will equip you with questions, answers, topics, and perspectives as we hope to share the words that are honoring to God with our children.

Redeeming Our Energy

To redeem our energy, we need to think about our time and conversations. Because we have a limited amount of energy every day, we want to use it wisely and purposefully. Spending time with our children will require extra attention, and you’ll need to ask God for a daily dose of it. Providence Kids will provide options for both indoor and outdoor activities, games, and other ideas for your family to enjoy.  

Remember, you are not doing this alone. Find another family to share your successes, your struggles and your laughter with. Enjoy the time you have together and praise God for slowing us all down and allowing us time to rest in His mercy and love!