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Ministering to Refugees in Turkey

Turkey 2018 Blog

Last year we had the honor of hosting a conference for refugees seeking asylum in western Turkey. We had the privilege of sharing, worshiping, and praying with the almost 300 refugees who attended. We also had the honor of leading 20 to 30 refugee kids in a separate time of teaching and worship. In addition to seeing several people make first-time commitments to Christ, many more were encouraged in their faith.

One of the greatest needs for these amazing and resilient people is someone to encourage them and remind them that God has not forgotten them, that He has a plan for them, and that He continues to love them like crazy. Despite all the hardships they have faced and are facing, many of these refugees are hungry to learn and dig into the Word – a freedom they’ve historically not enjoyed like we do here in the west.

One of the highlights of last year’s conference was seeing the nations gathered together under one roof. Although it was primarily refugees from Iran, we also had people from Afghanistan, Iraq, and Turkey who attended. It was an amazing picture of the kingdom of God on earth.

During the times of worship in song, even though the songs were being sung in a different language, it was a powerful time and the presence of the Spirit was very tangible. It was one of our goals to draw together the different local fellowships in unity. Afterward, we were told this was the first time ever that they had all gathered together and the local leaders worked together to make it happen. It was a beautiful picture of the unity of the body of Christ!

This year we are praying and preparing for a repeat of last year. A team from Providence will travel to Turkey August 2-11 to host another four-day conference, including up to six sessions for the adults and six sessions for the kids. We will lead a team of around eight people, three to four of which we are hoping will come just to pour into the refugee kids and lead a time for them. If you want to be a part of encouraging these amazing people who have been through so much (and in turn be encouraged by them), then consider joining, praying for the trip, and/or financially helping someone else go!

Editor's Note: To learn more about this trip, please visit providencefrisco.com/missions.