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Memorize Hebrews 11: Tools and Resources


This fall, as we walk through the Hall of Faith together, we invite you to join us in memorizing Hebrews 11. Over the next 11 weeks, our challenge is to memorize all 40 verses of this chapter. Our staff has compiled several tools and resources to help you rise to the challenge.

We've divided Hebrews 11 into 11 smaller portions, designed to follow along with the sermon series when possible. Fair warning - there are a couple of weeks with longer portions, so pace yourself! You can find and print the memory plan at the link below.


The Providence Church app has been updated with an all-new Memorize link (found on the home screen). In this link, you'll find each week's assigned verses, along with the memory plan. When you open the app, go to Settings, then Notifications, and turn on the Scripture Memory Reminders to get a weekly reminder of that week's assigned verses. 


In addition to creating a plan, we asked our staff what's helped them to grow in the discipline of memorizing Scripture. They had a variety of ideas, resources, and tools, all of which came down to three practices: Read the text. Listen to the text. Write the text.


Read Hebrews 11 over and over again! Create a set of flashcards and put them in a place where your eye will land on them frequently. Each time you see the flashcard, read it again. Read it silently, read it aloud, read it to others! On Sunday, September 22, we'll have printed memory verse cards available at the church (in limited quantities). Grab a set or use the memory plan to create your own set of flashcards.


It's never been easier to listen to Scripture, thanks to the many excellent Bible apps that are available. Some of our favorites are BibleGateway, ESV Bible, and Dwell. Put the assigned verses (or all of Hebrews 11) on repeat and listen to them on your commute, while working out, or while sitting in the carpool line.


Writing Scripture repetitively will help you to memorize it. Write it on your flashcards, doodle it, or journal about what you're memorizing. One of our staff even writes the first letter of each word in a verse on her hand, acrostic-style, to help her practice repeating it. There are also some excellent apps that allow you to rehearse your memory verses in fun and creative ways. Bible Memory and Verses both give you a variety of tools and games to help you memorize. You can even join the Providence group on Bible Memory to challenge yourself alongside others.


That brings us to the last piece of advice - memorize Scripture together! Over the next 11 weeks, we'll have the unique experience of meditating on and memorizing these 40 verses together. Grab a friend, your family, your community group, or all of the above, and challenge them to memorize Hebrews 11 with you. As we hide these words in our hearts, may we be strengthened and encouraged to "run with endurance the race that is set before us, looking to Jesus, the founder and perfecter of our faith." (Hebrews 12:1b-2a)

Do you have practical tips and resources that have helped you to memorize Scripture? Drop a comment below to share them! 


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