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Keep to the Old Roads

On Sunday, we looked at advancing the gospel in the next generation. We saw our responsibility and joy in passing down the truths we have learned to the generations that will follow. During the sermon, Afshin referred to a song by Andrew Peterson called “You’ll Find Your Way,” in which Peterson expresses his hopes and exhortations for his son.

Though I could write pages on how much Peterson’s songs have meant to me over the years, this one holds a special place in helping articulate prayers I’ve prayed for my own children. He encourages his son to “keep to the old roads” as he navigates the winding paths of life. In a sense he is telling the coming generations to keep the commandments of God (Ps. 78:1-8).

Let’s pray often for the children of Providence Church. Pray that in their victories and sorrows they would be children whose hearts are latched to the ancient mast of God’s love. Pray that in the years to come they will hold on the the hope that has taken hold of them.

And I know you'll be scared when you take up that cross.
And I know it'll hurt, 'cause I know what it costs.
And I love you so much, and it's so hard to watch.
But you're gonna grow up, and you're gonna get lost.
Just go back, go back.

Go back, go back to the ancient paths,
Latch your heart to the ancient mast.
And hold on, boy, whatever you do,
To the hope that's taken hold of you.
And you'll find your way,
You'll find your way.

If love is what you’re looking for
The old roads lead to an open door
And you’ll find your way
You’ll find your way
Back home.