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How Little Legacies Helped Me As a New Mom


My husband and I became foster parents last summer. We welcomed our first placement, a little girl, a week after we became licensed. Despite all the training, her arrival seemed like a stork delivery. After becoming insta-parents, I looked forward to joining Little Legacies to help with my transition to parenthood. I looked forward to meeting with other first-time moms, to commiserate about our experiences. I also looked forward to getting advice from the more experienced mentor moms. I knew I would need their encouragement to help me become the mom God was calling me to be.

I was extremely blessed by the things that I learned and the relationships I made within Little Legacies. The guidance from the mentor moms helped me with parenting on a practical level, but also encouraged me as a wife, and most of all called me to a closer relationship with God. I also loved getting to know the other first-time moms, and feeling their camaraderie as we were all in the baby trenches together. On a practical level, I was so happy to have time set aside every week to spend with other grown ups.

Since finishing Little Legacies, I’ve been so grateful for the women God brought together at a very uncertain time in my life. Being a new mom is scary to begin with, but I was even more worried by the uncertainty that accompanied our situation in foster care. I thought I might be isolated as a foster parent, because I felt I was experiencing something on my own.

Little did I know that God would bring me mentor moms who had fostered and others familiar with foster care, and first time moms who were struggling with their own flavors of uncertainty.

All the moms constantly encouraged me to trust in God with our situation. They helped me to know the truth that God loves our foster child more than I ever could, and to trust in his plan for her, whatever it may be. This released me from parenting out of fear of the future, and instead of fear, it freed me to praise God for the time I do have and the opportunity to serve him in this way.

Editor's Note: Little Legacies is our ministry to first time moms with children under six months old. The next session of Little Legacies begins on Tuesday, April 12. Don't miss your chance to sign up here.