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Send Yourselves On Mission


We have to remember this truth: our marriages do not exist for our own personal happiness.

Our marriages fundamentally exist so that others will see a reflection of Christ's love for His Church. Therefore, in every sense of the word, marriages are missional institutions. Through our marriages, we can fulfill the Great Commission by discipling one another, discipling those in our homes, and using our marriages as a platform to disciple others in our communities.

Regardless of our age and stage of marriage, we must always remember the opportunities we have to fulfill the mission Jesus has given us. This week, we want to encourage you to reflect on one simple question: what would it look like for your marriage to be committed to the Great Commission?

A variety of answers could come from this simple question. For some of you, it might impact the way you spend your money. For others, it might lead you to recalibrate your schedules. For others, it might increase your zeal for discipling your children and welcoming other families into your home for the sake of gospel ministry. That's the beauty of it: the options ar endless. The Lord has given us a clear mission and we all have unique opportunities to fulfill that mission!

To help you process the question even further, and get tangible about how your marriage can reflect the gospel, consider discussing the additional questions below.

  1. Are there any areas of our marriage that do not display the greatness of Christ’s love for His church? If so, what would change look like?
  2. Do you have any specific passions or ideas for how we (and our family if applicable) can be engaged in disciple making?
  3. Are there any younger couples in our lives that we can invest in, for the sake of their marriage? What would that look like? 
  4. Are there any married people in our lives who don’t know Jesus? Are there ways we can be intentional about helping them with their tangible marriage struggles and introduce them to Jesus?
  5. Are there any ways that we can better disciple our children? (If applicable) 
  6. What would it look like for our family to be involved in reaching the nations with the gospel?