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Abiding in Every Season

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If you answer to the name of “Mom”, most likely you spend your days wiping faces, preparing meals, solving conflict, changing diapers, cleaning dishes, and folding laundry.  Not to mention moms that do all of these things and also work outside of the home! Understandably, many women in this stage of life may feel that daily time with the Lord is hopeless. The desire may be there, but with everything on the to-do list, it feels so far out of reach. But to do all of the daily tasks moms are called to do well, and as is the goal of all Christian mothers--do this while pointing your children to Christ, you must find time to spend with the Lord. We can only know well those whom we spend time with. Here are some ideas to help you make that happen.


In theory, this is the best way to start your day off right. But in practice, it can sometimes get pushed aside by our greatest morning enemy -  the snooze button! After evaluating your daily routine, if you feel that this is the best time for you to have time with the Lord, then prioritize. Go to bed earlier so that getting up early is not as challenging,  Set a Bible reading plan or use a study guide to keep you accountable to a daily reading assignment. Work with your spouse on ways where you can rotate morning responsibilities to make this happen. Ask God to give you the discipline needed to make this a priority. Ask Him to give you a heart that loves Him more and a hunger for His Word.


Want to give your child the gift of seeing a life of faith lived out? Try doing your daily time with the Lord in front of your children. I know what you are thinking….a “quiet” time in front of my kids will be anything but quiet! And I understand that train of thought…I have three wild and crazy boys. But one of the great things about kids is that they are teachable. You can train them on how to play independently while mom is having her quiet time.

Make this a consistent time each day, perhaps after your children have been fed breakfast. Give them a task, toy, or even tv show (RightNow Media has some great kid-friendly options) that they can engage with while you take your time with the Lord. Then teach them. Talk to them about how when Mommy is reading her Bible, she is spending time with God. Let them know and see the importance of allowing you to have that time uninterrupted, and at the same time, let them see the importance and value you put on spending time in the Word of God. Afterward, praise your children for how well they played independently while Mom was spending time with the Lord.

This process will take some practice and lots of reminders, but the fruit of the lessons your child will learn, the independence they will gain, and your personal growth in Christ will be worth it.


Another way that many have found helpful is to redeem naptime for this purpose. After getting the kids down for a nap, set up shop somewhere where you won’t be tempted to fall asleep yourself - perhaps your kitchen table or the patio outside. Naptime provides many with an uninterrupted hour or more of consistent time that you can use to spend with the Lord and be refilled with the Holy Spirit. Naptime is a gift from the Lord that can work in favor of moms with small children.


The audio Bible can also be a helpful tool to surround yourself with the word of God while taking care of daily chores or routines such as dishes or folding laundry. Dwell and bible.is are a couple of great audio Bible options.

There is no one right method but there is one right answer. Moms, we must go to Jesus every day to get the tools and grace we need to parent in the way the Lord has called us. Whatever method you choose, remember to pray. Pray without ceasing. Invite God to be a part of every parenting moment by letting Him in. Put these things into practice and watch what the Lord does in your life and the lives of your children. With God’s help, you can do it! And what wonderful, precious, eternal rewards await you and your family because of your discipline to abide in the Word.