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A Clean Glass of Water in Jesus' Name

2015 Dominican Republic DR pic

Last February, Providence sent nine people to the Dominican Republic to share the gospel and feed children in three different villages.

One night, we showed the Jesus film in Spanish to the children in a kid-friendly way. When we started the movie, about a hundred kids were watching. But by the time that the film ended, over two hundred people—kids and adults—were watching and riveted.

At the beginning of the movie, the kids who watched with us thought we were nice, but that we talked about a “God” who was only for us—a rich, white, American God. By the end of the movie, they began to understand that our God was their God, spoke Spanish, and wanted a relationship with them.

The next day was filled with opportunities to have individual conversations with kids who had questions after watching the movie. One of those conversation was with Luis.

Luis was about 14, and started asking questions that showed that God was moving in his life. Caesar, a Providence member who went on the trip, began talking with him about Jesus and what he had seen in the movie. After about 20 minutes, Luis asked what he had to do to make Jesus his Savior. What an honor to pray for Luis and see him put faith in Jesus!

Caesar and his wife, Kara, went back to the Dominican Republic in June, and told us when they returned that Luis is continuing to trust Christ and is being discipled by the local church.

While we go to the Dominican Republic to feed hungry children and offer them a clean glass of water, the real reason we go is to show Jesus to them and see them grow in the Lord. We go to share the gospel with everyone, including children like Luis, and to teach them to follow Christ.

There are so many more stories that are like Luis. We’re thankful for the opportunities God gave our team to see how he’s moving in the lives of children in the Dominican Republic, and we’re excited to send another team to the Dominican Republic this year.

If you’re interested in going on a mission trip with Providence, get more information here.