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10 Reasons I Love Women's Bible Study (and Why I Hope You Do Too)


At last, fall is here! School is in session and college football is revving back up. I can almost smell the aroma of pumpkin spice lattes filling the air. My heart beats faster just thinking of this season that I love. I enjoy the new beginnings and fresh starts of fall that give me an opportunity to reprioritize and refocus spiritually.

The new season marks the kickoff of another year of women’s bible study. I’m forever grateful for how God has used studying his word with other women to encourage me. I want to encourage you to come to this fall women’s bible study by listing 10 reasons that I love it! (There are many things I love about women’s bible study. But for the sake of brevity, I had to choose 10!)

10 reasons I love Women’s Bible Study (and why you should, too!)

1. Accountability in studying God’s Word—Let’s face it. We all need help to be disciplined in studying the bible. Or maybe that’s just me! When I know other women are counting on me to come prepared, that’s the fuel I need to get up a little earlier or sacrifice the only quiet moments of my day in pursuit of God. I don’t study the bible for other people, but the structure and accountability of a bible study helps me stay focused on making God’s word a priority.

2. Building relationships with other women—If not for women’s bible study, I might only know the women in my Community Group (and in the nursing room!) at church. I love both groups of women, but I also love to meet people I might not meet otherwise. Women often ask me how they can make new friends or get to know other women, particularly older and wiser women who can disciple them. My encouragement? Meet some people at women’s bible study!

3. Sharing testimonies of God’s faithfulness—Sharing stories of how God has sustained each of us is such a powerful encouragement for one another. Women’s bible study gives us a great opportunity to listen to each other and point each other back to a loving and faithful God who cares and is working in our lives today. Wherever you are spiritually, God will use the study of his Word with other women to encourage you and for you to encourage others.

4. Studies by women and for women—Women’s bible study is a unique time to hear women speak into issues that affect us. No topics are off limits, and it’s a safe place to ask questions. Even when the topic isn’t specifically geared toward women, we often get a different perspective than we would on a Sunday morning or in Community Group. We cover topics and books of the bible that women request, and we often use resources written by women and for women.

5. A break from the daily grind—Women’s bible study is my big night out. Before you laugh, hear me out. I leave the kids to be cared for by their very capable dad and get in the car. I don’t pack diaper bags or load kids into their car seats. I listen to grown-up music. I may even hit up a drive-thru on my way and grab something I’ve been craving in my moment of total freedom! Whether you’ve had a long day at home or an exhausting day at work, women’s bible study can be a valuable, restful time set aside in your week to do something you love.

6. A place to use your spiritual gifts—Women are gifted members of the body of Christ. Women’s bible study is one great place to employ your gifts to build up others. In fact, I’ve always been encouraged when I hear a woman open up the scriptures and teach. Women teachers have a different perspective on life, and it can be a nice change of pace. Whether your gift is teaching, welcoming, administration, or more, there is a place for you. Come serve with us!

7. Pinterest-inspired table décor—Some women consider Pinterest décor their spiritual gift, and women’s bible study is one place they can use it in the church! This is not my particular gift, but I’m thankful that others are gifted in this way. Women’s events are typically the most beautiful of all the church events! Believe me, the burlap and mason jars bless everyone.

8. Conversation with other adults—If you’re like me, you’re home all day with an inquisitive preschooler and non-verbal baby. Nights where I get to enjoy adult conversations are a highlight for me! Generally speaking, women love talking, so there is rarely if ever a quiet moment when we gather. This is good news for everyone. If you want to get your words out after a long day at home, here’s your shot! And if you have been at work all day and used your word quota, the other ladies will speak enough for you, too!

9. Authenticity and vulnerability—We cut the small talk and dive right into others’ lives in a way that we could never accomplish in mixed company. We come ready to grow in our knowledge of God and are honest with where we are in our relationship with him. It’s a safe place to come as you are. No matter what we’re walking through, we’ll find love, acceptance, and encouragement in God’s Word.

10. Growing love for God—We study God’s Word to know God more fully. He has revealed himself to us through the bible. My faith is strengthened as I dive into his Word for the purpose of knowing and loving Him more. I am encouraged as I journey with other women seeking to do the same. Come join us!

Editor's Note: Registration for fall Women's Bible Study is open! The study begins Tuesday, September 13, from 7-8:30 p.m., and we're going through Jen Wilkin's new book, None Like Him: 10 Ways God Is Different from Us (and Why That's a Good Thing).