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One of the Hardest Things God Calls Christians To Do

I don't know any Christian who would disagree with the statement, “We should love all people." Scratch that, I don’t know anybody – religious or not – who would disagree with it. What’s not to like about it? Wouldn’t it solve the world’s problems if everyone just loved each other?...

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Is God's Sovereignty Compatible With Free Will?

While we can never fully understand how sovereignty and responsibility interact with one another, the Bible provides us with some relevant insights about how predestination is compatible with free will....

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Romans: The Purpose of Chapters 9-11

Why did Paul write these chapters? What were they meant to accomplish and how do they fit in with Romans as a whole?...

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What Does "And All Israel Will Be Saved" Mean?

Understanding what Paul means when he says, “…all Israel will be saved,” is something that has divided Christian readers for a long time. Brilliant, godly men and women even within the same denominations and theological camps are often at odds on how to best interpret what this phrase means....

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Why Did God Hate Esau?

You’re not going find this verse on a coffee mug at your local Christian bookstore. If we’re honest, it makes God sound unfair, doesn’t it? Especially when we take in to account that God’s treatment of Jacob and Esau is something he determined before they’d even been born “and had done nothing either good or bad” (Romans 9:11). So did God just decide to hate ...

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