Advent: Week One

Week of 11.27.2022 | Weekly Focus

This Advent Family Devotional is going to take you through the Story of the Bible to prepare your hearts to celebrate Jesus’s coming. We will follow the theme of God’s kingdom from the very beginning of scripture to see how King Jesus has always been and will always be the Perfect King. Jesus is the one whose advent will restore God’s kingdom—His people in His place under His rule and blessing, as He designed it to be.

Sources for this study include the following books: Delighting in the Trinity by Michael Reeves and God’s Big Picture by Vaughan Roberts

Prayer Focus

Family/Friends: Pray for thFamily/Friends: Pray for the specific needs of your family and friends
Providence Church Staff: Melanie Boyd- Associate Director of Prov Kids
Local Church: Trails Church Winnipeg, Aaron Boswell
Local School: Pink Elementary
Mission Partners: Matt Maloney
Global: Unreached People Group- Bedar (India) (Click the link to learn more about this UPG.)