A Message Like No Other


As we celebrate Advent together, we want to help you approach this season with purpose and intentionality. This post is part of a four week devotional series designed to guide you toward Christmas day. Spend some time reading this with your family or some close friends, then take some time to answer the discussion questions together.

Read: Luke 1:26-38

We all receive many messages in our lives: texts, emails, voicemails, letters, sticky notes, and so on. Throughout history people have sent and received messages in various forms, from hieroglyphics to carrier pigeons. But no one has received a message quite like Mary. The sender of the message was God himself; the deliverer of the message was an angel; and the content of the message was one of cosmic and eternal significance. The message was that Mary was going to have a baby.

The child whom Mary was to bear would be great. By his words he would command nature, heal the sick, and raise the dead to life. He would be called “the Son of the Most High”. He would reveal and accomplish God’s plan. His kingdom won’t end. His reign and rule will continue forever. His people will never fear a takeover or a change in leadership. The birth of this child would be a pivotal moment in the history of the world.

This is overwhelmingly good news. What was foretold to Mary that day in Nazareth held true. The Word of the Lord was fulfilled and is always fulfilled. What do you do with a message like the one Mary received? First, we rejoice because we can trust that Jesus will one day return and bring us home. And second, we respond with faithful obedience. Mary responded, “I am the Lord’s servant, may your word to me be fulfilled.” With childlike faith, we trust God’s word and respond with humble obedience.

Discuss With Others

What is one of the great messages you have ever received?

Seeing all the prophecies in Scripture come true, how does that give us hope now?